Whispering-Breezes Resort Cabins
                              Servicing Nationwide: Locally in Melrose, Confidence, Centerville,Albia,Des Moines on Rathbun Lake, Iowa
We are adding new features to our resort keep checking for updates! 


We have 6 cabins; each cabin has its own unique theme and identity. These are pictures of the Kitchen in Cabin #1.  We hope you will have as much fun staying with us as we have had in the planning and dreaming of each cabin.

 Here are pictures of Cabin #1 Living Area.  Looking in through the front door into the cabin, and showing the open beam ceiling. Enjoy!

The view from the bathroom looking at the front door and looking into the bedroom of Cabin #1.

This is the wall hanging in the bedroom and the shower and bathroom in Cabin # 1.

 Cabin # 5 "Poppie's Bobbers"
     Cabin # 6 "Eagle‚Äôs Cove"
The grass was starting to grow and get green!

A picture of all 6 cabins in place and the snow falling December 2005.    Picture of the inside of Cabin #2.

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